Month: October 2015

Video for the credit course: “Global Politics: Theories, International Relations and Security”: Brzezinski on the World: Foreign Policy (October 2015)

Former national security adviser Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski discusses the United States’ relations with Russia and China, and the importance of developing a better strategic approach towards China as a rising power. He also reflects on his role in shaping U.S.-China relations as a member of the Carter administration […]

Reading article for the credit course “Global Politics: Theories, International Relations and Security”: “Russia and the new geopolitics of oil”

There are several major aspects, which have changed the basics of Russia’s approach to this market. One of the factors is the aforementioned crisis in European refinery industry due to weak demand and increased competition of product supplies from refineries in other parts of the world (primarily Asia and the U.S., but also the Middle East). Another factor is the changed tax regime in Russia […]